RL: Presented with Minimal Commentary


Minimal (?) Commentary is this –

  1. Hi Twila!
  2. The Odyssey of Ulysses is drastically and yet not so much different from the Odyssey of the Irish. One may have been fact turned into fiction. The other was fact turned into distorted fact braided into fiction and hey lo, here we are. Sort it out.
  3. Thus, the selfish note part 1 (goddammnit, there’s a three) – If I could have half her voice…or a quarter of it…
  4. The selfish note part 2 – The last song that ends the film…I’ve been listening to off  and on for about…four weeks? And it scares the hell out of me.

Actually, “Delilah” and “Third Eye” both scare me…

And so. And thus.

Enjoy, and Blessed be.


Instructions for a Bad Day by Shane Koyczan – YouTube

I stumbled across this again tonight. It was a brick in the pavement I’d already walked over, but this time it was jutting up a bit higher, catching my toe on my downhill skitter pulling me up by the collar and whispering…

…”remember who you were”…

So I continued walking on the diagonal and just kept saying “Tomorrow is another day” even as the fear and the sorrow kept getting larger and larger and I wished for a second that it would just


Because it would be so fucking easy to fall back into the “were” instead of dealing with the “here”.

But the “here” is all I have.

And tomorrow is another day.