Head down to the Wind




Yes. My cat is laying on my pack. For that’s what she greets first. And she has her cave as well.



Added the color version as well.

Because my brain skitters between the two. And both are beautiful.

One moment of Peace

24 Hours. That’s all I’m asking for. 24 Hours where I don’t have to deal with some sort of fucked up bullshit at work or at “home”. 24 Hours where I can fucking feel wholly safe for a while, where I’m not constantly on my guard. And hey! Maybe not alone either! (Yer pushin’ it, Kanyak.)

24 Hours where I’m just safe and happy and safe and safe and goddammit…

But yeah. I know. I got it. I don’t deserve that. Message recieved loud and fucking clear.

Galileo 2x

∆ The Original. Pay attention to the floating words.


∆ Not the Original, but just as cool. Pay attention to the astronomy. To say nothing of the etchings.


*wanders off*