Achilles had his heel.

Samson had his hair.

Ahab had his whale

And on and on and on…

There are Heroes where I work, and then there are “Heroes”. The only difference between the two? The ones in quotation marks take the credit from those that aren’t.

“Heroes” fall.

Heroes remain.


Because true Heroes don’t suffer from hubris.

This video is old (early 80’s wow old) But it reminded me of two things. 1-Gods above I’d forgotten how much I liked this band even before they got popular; 2- Nope. Won’t feel bad at all.



RL: Presented with Minimal Commentary


Minimal (?) Commentary is this –

  1. Hi Twila!
  2. The Odyssey of Ulysses is drastically and yet not so much different from the Odyssey of the Irish. One may have been fact turned into fiction. The other was fact turned into distorted fact braided into fiction and hey lo, here we are. Sort it out.
  3. Thus, the selfish note part 1 (goddammnit, there’s a three) – If I could have half her voice…or a quarter of it…
  4. The selfish note part 2 – The last song that ends the film…I’ve been listening to off ¬†and on for about…four weeks? And it scares the hell out of me.

Actually, “Delilah” and “Third Eye” both scare me…

And so. And thus.

Enjoy, and Blessed be.


…since sleep keeps escaping…

I am bound and fucking determined to learn of all of the words to this song…regardless of how many times I sprain something. (Honestly, it’s either going to be my jaw, my tongue, or my brain…Brain coming in at #1)

I have loved this song since I was…16? Still can’t get it all right. And I’ve been trying since the first time I heard it. So…yeah…