How do you ask someone “Will we ever be ‘normal’ again?”

How do you ask “How can I make this right?”

How do you say “I’m tired of walking on glass around you. I’m tired of the walls that are insurmountable, the protective spikes thrust out, the barbed wires behind the eyes, the steel undertone to the words.”

How do you say “I deserve a second chance. You’ve been given them, so why can’t you spare one for someone else?”

How do you say “You made me feel safe, for the first time in years. I let my guard down and I was OK with it.”

How do you say “I was an asshole, and I’d happily remove ten years from my life to go back and fix it from the start.”

How do you say “I miss you”, and not sound pathetic?

Editor’s note – I wrote this down in a somewhat different form a while ago in an actual bound book of paper. Problem is, I don’t date my actual written handscribbles normally, so I honestly have no clue if this is the Before or After version. I’m sorry.

Did I mention this is my life in a nutshell right now?




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