Work It Girl!

I preface this next bit thusly –

I remember RuPaul from back in the day. Tall, glam-slammin’ holy shit what am I even seeing? Saw “Star Booty”. Couldn’t tell you dick about it. But I remember the annual Wigstock photos in the Village Voice and Ru was always in at least one of them.

And then came “Love Shack” by the B52’s. Who were going through their own crisis then (may you rest well, Ricky). See if you can pick Ru out in the crowd. *smirk*

And then – Supermodel! Released on Tommy Boy records (no small feat, that). And the Queen of all of us who came up in the GAYS ARE EVIL/AIDS IS GOD’S WRATH DIE YOU MALIGNANT HERTICAL SODOMITE MUTANTS DIE era said to those who wanted to listen “You’d Better Work!”

Not only does Ru do her best impressions of both Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, she skips down the street with a bunch of Private School girls, all of whom seem to be predominately white (the shot is black and white, and, I believe, done intentionally so, on many levels. It’s still a shot that made me cry, because Lyrics, you know.)

Ru caught some shit earlier this year for the use of the word “trannies”. Many in the Transgendered/Transexual community took umbrage at the slang.

And for ANYONE who thinks the “Gay Community is United?”

Please share with me the stuff you’re smoking.

We’re just like any community. We’re united and divided depending on the issue at hand.

I understood what RuPaul meant. It wasn’t meant as a slight. It’s just what Transvestites used to call other Transvestites. Now? Now it’s wrapped up in Politically Correct speak and to be quite honest?

It may be time for the Elders to sit down with the Youngers and tell their history. Or herstory. Because something’s been lost in the shuffle, and my gods, we have so much to learn from each other!

Tolerance being the main thing.

All of this meandering, long windedness is to say this – Here’s RuPaul on Hillary. And it is FIERCE!

I’d like to meet RuPaul one day. Bucket list.



As is the Herstory Archives.



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