Apologies again/Storycorps

How I know I need to just stop looking at anything on the internest (not a typo) for a while is the fact that I once again sort of went off on politics. And my head hurts.

Thus. And..

…So, I didn’t know such a thing as Storycorps existed until about three…four…?…a few years ago when POV on PBS did an episode about them.

What they did was they’d set up booths in a particular area of Any town USA, and people could come in and record their stories. Might be one person, but usually it was two, maybe a few more. But the stories came out. They’re archiving them all, is my understanding. Kinda like the Smithsonian Folkways albums did way back when.

And some they’ve turned into animated shorts. All voices in the animation are taken from the recordings of those who spoke them originally. (Again, according to my understanding.)

This is one of them.  https://storycorps.org/animation/clean-streets/

I love the message. You can work the most crapassed, shitty job according to others. Or even yourself. But if you take pride in it, no matter how hard it may be sometimes, and just be a decent human being doing so?


That animation wasn’t in the POV episode.

If you’d like to see others?









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