Photo credit: Adam Pretty/Getty Images


In order to dive, you have to do something that most human beings wouldn’t. You have to thrust, fling, and otherwise throw your body into a great expanse of nothing, make it look graceful all the while controlling the contortions of your limbs as you twist and spin and somersault so that barely a splash surges up when you hit the water.

I admire divers. Even the ones who aren’t considered “contenders”. They have the guts to take to the air, and for a moment, the breifest moment, fly. I tear up when I watch…so I don’t watch anymore.  Why? Because, for a very, very long time, I wanted to become one. So badly. And never said a word.


Now I just want to be able to control my brain in the same manner when it starts to freefall. Or, if not control it, at least make the entry into the deep a little easier.

Maybe, if I remember, I’ll print this out to remind me.



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