I don’t talk about politics. For one, because I believe that everyone has a right to their own feelings on the matter. For two, because, much like talking about religion, it only leads to arguments, and I don’t do well with arguments. And for three (Sensei may pass out when she sees that), politics tended to diverge drastically between me and my mom. Especially when the AIDS crisis hit, and homosexuality was suddenly forefront and center. (Wwhhhoooooole ‘nother story, that.)

But what’s happening now, here in the country I live in? With Trump??

My problem is that I read. A lot. History mostly. And the fact that the media cannot, WILL NOT, compare this comb-overed privileged pseudo-businessman slash “millionaire” (where are the fucking tax returns, Trumpy??!) slash reality TV “star” slash bully slash coward slash user and abuser slash fear mongering slash hatred spewing slash narcissistic syndrome suffering slash daddy’s little boy slash fucking demogogic nitwit to Hitler???

And now he’s been in a week long fight with a couple who lost their son in a war that NEVER should have been fought, and really people???? Fucking really???????!!¿!!

I have never, ever once been so afraid for OR of my country, or so ashamed to say “Yeah. I’m from NewYork”.

Bite me you little fingered fuck.







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