I was going to throw something up (figuratively, not literally) about “Be careful what you wish for, ’cause ya just might get it.”

In my case it’s “Shatter Me”. (Video waaaay below.)

But…apparently there’s a daisy looking up towards the sun as part of this site now, so….

I don’t honestly know if it’s really is there, or if I’ve hit that ‘special’ point where I’ve pretty much completely snapped and am now hallucinating things.


It made me grin. Widely, hugely, and made me laugh so that my poor beleaguered Mugu gave me such evil side-eye…

That’s enough.

Edit as of 11:11pm:

1. The “that’s enough” comment above wasn’t about my cat giving me death-eye, it was about me being happy for a moment.

Which still sounds odd, I grant you.

2. The picture has gone from a daisy towards the sun to a serene beach at sunset…so…yeah.


Edit as of 12:05am:

Cityscape from above looking towards the Empire State building.


Well…wasn’t all that fond of this reality anyway…






2 thoughts on “Er…

  1. Yeah well…the images are gone now. So…

    I figure I actually have lost it.

    Hallucinations aren’t really all that fun, no matter how pretty they are.


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