Musings from how to QC the Apocalypse

She snorted the second line up, sniffed once, twice, brushed her thumb across her nose, and smirked.

“Your Protocol sucks. Which leads me to think that neither of you wants this to happen.”

“The Apocalypse isn’t to be taken lightly,” Uriel said.

She laughed a laugh that was as deep throated and full bellied as it was hysterical. She shook her head, the laugh dying as she licked the slight white residue on her thumb off.

“So sayeth the drug-running Angel who should be guarding Eden.”

Uriel had the decency at least to look ashamed.

She poured another pile out, cut it leisurely with the Ace of Spades in her hand, and snorted both lines up lickety-split.

“Do me a favor. Stop lying to me, both of you.”



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