Sita vs Hercules

The Bass line/Drum line at the chorus for both songs. It’s a heartbeat. It just depends on where it becomes regular or irregular…and neither of them really do until the chorus….unless I have an irregular heartbeat.

Which wouldn’t shock me at all. simplifying the equations of the music/math as I do…mostly because I get the music and notsomuchthemath…. As always, your mileage may vary.

Sita  = Bum-ba-rat-dat- DUM-ba-rat-dat-DUM-ba-rat-tat-DUM…etc. until the exhale . (There’s a half skip-step just under the ba and the rat…least…I think, unless I’m off a half step.) (And no. No one would be shocked by that news.)

Hercules = Bum-ba-rat-dat- BUM-ba-rat-dat-BUM-ba-rat-tat-BUM…until the “please…” (Again, there’s either a half or quarter skip-step to the beat that I can’t nail down for I am old, tired, and my earbuds can do but so much. Again…see above, etc…)

One may be mildly softer than the other. But I’m convinced these two songs can be mixed really well…I just don’t quite know how.


And before anyone decides to say “BUT” – Yes. Both songs are about women calling out to a masculine hero.

Both the female and the male in the subject line come to bad ends in the myths.

I have no intention of doing that at this time. I don’t need to be Sita (swallowed up by Mother Earth), and Hercules can go scratch (poisoned cloaks make one do that, I’m told.)

I’m just honestly trying to sort out the music first. Because I’ll be fucked if there isn’t a mix in there somewhere.

Any other theory can wait.




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