Poly-dodeca-icsosa-and so and on and on and on…

A polyhedron is is what you see in Cairo. The Pyramids. It’s basically a bunch of angles and corners that all equal the same length.It’s a three dimensional shape with flat plains and sharp edges (Four flat plains and…six…? sharp edges….I think) …but always, always…everything mathematically works.

A dodecahedron is a polyhedron writ larger. Twelve flat plains with sharp angles (18?) _that will always equal the same length and width and size…

And then there’s the Icosahedron. Twenty flat faces, thirty sharp angles (maybe…?). And if you roll a natural 20 you’ve vanquished (usually). And if you roll a natural 1?

Too bad. So sad. Roll another character. You’re dead.

A squared plus B squared equals C squared.

I understand the Pythagorean theorem, for as ridiculous as that may sound.

It’s not…

It isn’t even. There’s a right angle you have to account for that may go on for days and days and days…but…at some point, if you apply the theorem…you’ll get the answer.

And you can eventually work out the square in the angle too…

For whatever good that may do…

Life…Isn’t just Mathematics or Fractiles (no matter how much I may love Mandelbrot…because it’s just a recursion that goes on and on and on…and…that’s not LIFE…)

Geometry…Mathematics…Science, Psychology, Philosophy all try to and fail to take into account (despite the volumes and volumes and volumes written on human “behavior”)…

We actually…every one of us…are not just Science.

Can we be taught/driven/counseled/forced/beseeched/forced by what we have known until the point…even though…no matter how hard we try….yes. We “are who we are”…?

Life…may be Mathematics by Nature.

By Nurture?

It will never, ever, be as simple as a Right Angle.

Or a Twenty-sided die on which you stand or fall depending on how well you roll.

And no matter how you want to bag it up and stuff it or toss it…toss…it…

The feelings are still there. They will remain.

It’s not Math. It’s not Science. It’s neither History, Philosophy, Psychology. or Religion.

It’s the simple act of…being human. And for as much as there is out there telling us how we “should” be…


The….achingly…heartbreakingly…simple truth is…

I am…because I’ve gotten this far.

That’s it.

No more. No less.

And truth?


I’m vulnerable.




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