The Green

Sometimes…when you think the green has drowned…it hasn’t.

It’s just you that needs to come up for air…and remember…

The Green started in Central Park. And grew in Vermont. And at Camp. And anytime you were truly in the Green. Remember what it was like to swim in a natural pond/lake/ocean. Remember how the water was silk on your skin…remember your first silk shirt from your Aunt Joan…how it felt like putting liquid on, enveloping you, like when your were younger with a broken arm and she kept you above the water because you were more Silkie than not and couldn’t be kept out of it if you could help it. Saran wrap was encumbering but you were five and you were in water and your weight wasn’t so heavy and she still held you up despite the cast…

You were happy, remember?

Remember, child. Remember the Green.




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